Amy Quo

Owner: 2 Baskin Robbins Franchises

"When my sister and her husband sold their DQ Franchise, they spoke very highly of the broker who helped them. It was Joe Saad. So when I decided to sell one of my BR Franchises located in Carmel Mountain, I called Joe. It was soon after the economy collapsed in 2010 and it was hard selling anything. Joe never gave up on me and continued to work diligently to find me buyers. Finally he managed to locate a buyer and negotiated an excellent price on my behalf. He made it so easy for me that I decided to ask him to sell my other BR store in San Marcos. Not only did Joe sell my 2 Franchises, but even after Escrows closed, he continued to help and assist me go through the State Administration offices (BOE and EDD) in order to clear my situation and collect my money." "I am very grateful for Joe’s expertise, energy and loyalty. I will recommend Joe without hesitation."